They’re Here!

The Hashi/Zuri Baby Bergers have arrived!!

This litter is all reserved- however, rumor has it that Zuri might have some news shortly. If interested in a CR 2022 Baby Berger please contact us!

Hashi and Zuri Have Big News!

We are very excited to announce that CH Rua Soleil Hashi Hikaru and CH Teffills Enikei are expecting puppies next month! This has been a long awaited litter! All Baby Bergers from this litter are reserved. Please contact us for information about our upcoming 2022 litters.

Best Buddies

Zuri and CR Trebek ( Trey) explore the field

Lately, we have been experiencing even more requests for Baby Bergers than usual. If you are interested in a quality dog, you must be prepared to wait. We do not farm dogs. As a long time breeder of horses and dogs I am not interested in “shoppers”. If you truly want a well bred dog, lovingly raised with health guarantees and stable temperament you should make this your focus and prime criteria. If you are just looking for any Leonberger puppy with “I’ll take the first puppy I can get” I am definitely not the breeder for you.