Our Dogs


CH Giulia Von Dreiburgenland CGN (Addie)

Another sweet German girl, Addie had the “H” litter. We called it the “Holy Moly” litter – fifteen puppies!!!!


CH Special Edition Vom Welland CGN (Edie)

Edie loves children, it shows in her face! This German girl finished her championship very quickly!

CH CR Heart of theMatter (Skeeter)

These two, brother and sister, are always up for adventures. They have recently started their show careers.

CH CR Goodness Gracious Gabrielle (Gabby)
Gabby is another Canadian champion. Gabby has an excellent temperament and loves to hunt for frogs!

CH CR Imagine That (Libby)

In true little sister style, Libby (from our “I”  litter) loves to pester her full brother Goliath from our “G” litter.


The Future
We are always excited about our up and coming dogs! 



 CH. Evangelina Vom Welland

Gelly is showing great promisie at an early age winning the puppy sweepstakes over 24 other puppies!



 CH CR Pura Vida CGN ( Phoebe)

Phoebe is Edie and Schubie’s daughter . She was best youth bitch at the LCA show as well as reserve open bitch. Quite an accomplishment at only 11 months old!


CR Quelle Surprise (Penny)

Libby and Schubie’s daughter  is just beginning her show career and currently enjoying life making dog confetti out of paper towels and toilet paper!