Edie and Kodi!

We are very excited to announce the breeding of our lovely girl Edie to the handsome Kodi.

Edie is imported from Germany and attained her Canadian Championship at 11 months. She is kind and beautiful. Kodi is a large, handsome boy with a Teddy Bear temperament. Both prospective parents have excellent rated hips. We anticipate these baby bergers to be comfortable hanging off the couch or strutting their stuff in the show ring!

Puppies ETA the end of Novemember.  For puppy reservation or to find out more about our Leos please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Edie and Kodi!

  1. Congratulations on your new puppies, they will look amazing. How many times have your been a leo grandmother??????????????????
    Linda still think of Howie!!

    • Hi Linda!
      We do an ultrasound the end of October to find out if she’s expecting. She has been asking foer pickles with her dinner – so I am optimistic!!!!

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