CMT’s Pick A Puppy and Concorde Ridge Leonbergers

It has been so exciting!!! We were asked if we would  be part of CMT’s new reality show Pick A Puppy.  This show centres around one family’s search for the “perfect puppy.”  The family lists 3 breeds they are interested in  learning more about. The program  then tracks  the family  as they visit breeders and learn more about each of their selected breeds.  Based on their  visits the family determines which  breed  is the “right fit” for them.  Everyone must wait and watch the show for the final choice!What a great venue for people to become educated about different breeds of dogs!
The production unit arrived at the farm on Sunday and was here for approx 3 hours- our Leos and  baby bergers had a great time! Whether our puppy is selected or not- I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the prospective family and am appreciative of having the opportunity to share information about my favorite topic!!!!

Pick A Puppy is going to be aired in the fall on CMT