Our Puppy Process

We are currently taking reservations for our 2021 litters. Due to COVID we have had many requests for puppies.

Our policies remain the same. Puppies are not commodities, but, treasured members of our family. They MUST NOT be an impulse purchase. Potential puppy owners must be prepared to wait and have thought thoroughly about the responsibilities of owning a dog. They must be willing to follow the breeder’s expectation for training, nutrition and health. Colour, gender, size of litters are not in control of anyone but Nature.

A questionnaire and subsequent “driveway” visit are part of the process. Families with children have to remember and impress on their children that puppies are also “babies” and have to be treated kindly and with respect. Dogs provide the perfect opportunity for teaching empathy. Parent’s have to have realistic expectations of the children’s involvement with the puppy. The daily management of the puppy and actual chores surrounding a dog will often fall back on the parent.

Dogs enrich our lives ,but, they also need families committed to providing a loving and stimulating environment for them. They must live in the house and families have to be prepared to make them an integral member .

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